Volvo Buses and Castrosua join forces for the production and development of electric city buses, boosting Sustainable Mobility in Cities

Volvo Buses, a world leader in sustainable mobility solutions, and Castrosua, a renowned bus body manufacturer, have formalised a strategic collaboration for the development, manufacture and commercialization of urban buses in Spain. The final project will be the union of the Volvo BZL Electric chassis and the Nelec body designed by Castrosua. This agreement strengthens the commitment of both companies to the promotion of sustainable mobility in cities.

 The collaboration between Volvo Buses and Castrosua aims to boost the energy efficiency, safety and innovation of urban buses, while reducing their environmental impact. This strategic partnership will allow both companies to combine their expertise and capabilities to develop more advanced and sustainable public transport solutions.

This agreement will allow Volvo to continue the transformation of its business model in Spain, where it will focus on the urban segment with Castrosua. This alliance is based on the Volvo BZL model, focused on the growth and development of electromobility as a sustainable transport solution, continuing the transformation initiated by Volvo in Europe, where it will be implemented through other manufacturers.

“We are excited to join forces with Castrosua in this initiative,” says Jaime Verdú, General Manager of Volvo Buses in Spain. “Our shared vision of a future with cleaner and more efficient public transport has led us to this collaboration. Together, we will seek to provide mobility solutions that meet the highest standards in terms of quality, sustainability and performance.”

Castrosua Group is one of the benchmark companies in the production of busbody in our country and this year it celebrates its 75th anniversary. With its headquarters located in Santiago de Compostela, the company has extensive experience in the design and assembly of innovative busbody.

For her part, Beatriz Castro, CEO of Castrosua Group: “We are very pleased to announce our collaboration with Volvo Buses to manufacture electric buses, convinced that it will be a very interesting new proposal for the market and, undoubtedly, this agreement strengthens our goal of achieving strategic alliances of value”.

Both companies will collaborate and share know-how and resources to develop urban buses, applying new technologies throughout development, production and operation. These processes will involve collaboration in monitoring the quality of both products, audits, the use of more environmentally sustainable methods, such as circularity and recycling of materials. The first vehicle, which will be used for commercial activities and testing in real operation, will be completed in the second quarter of next year, and the first deliveries to transport operators can be made by the end of 2024.

The collaboration between Volvo Buses and Castrosua demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability and smart mobility at a time when cities are looking for cleaner and more efficient transport solutions. This strategic alliance promises to bring about significant advances in the public transport industry.


Volvo BZL Electric

The Volvo BZL is developed with the same technology as that used in the Volvo 7900 Electric. Between them, there are already more than 1,000 100% electric Volvo units on the road around the world. With a length of 12 metres, a configuration of up to 5 batteries and a nominal capacity of 470 kWh, the Volvo BZL is a safe bet for the operator. It has flexible and combined charging: opportunity charging and depot charging, so it can be adapted to the operation of each operation. Volvo Buses offers its commitment to available energy, which studies and guarantees the achievement of the lines to the operators.


Nelec busbody

The Nelec stands out for its environmental responsibility, as the electric chassis is combined with other measures such as greater energy efficiency and weight reduction. In addition, its renowned design and the careful detailing of the entire driving position also contribute to giving the Nelec a unique personality and complement sustainable mobility solutions adapted to today’s reality, while at the same time being ready to be configured agilely to the requirements of the market.