The confidence of quality.
Experience that brings peace of mind.
A journey to safety and comfort.
Reliability, resistance and durability for the intercity segment.





  • Trustworthy quality and safety.
  • Quality and price make an unbeatable team.
  • Excellent materials and finishes.
  • A profitable, resistant and long-lasting coach.
  • Miles of safety.
  • Elegant and modern.
  • A forward-looking concept that focuses on continuity.



General Information

  • For intercity and occasional transportation.
  • Large luggage compartment.
  • Multiplex body.
  • Certification:
    • Regulation 66.02.
    • Regulation 107.
    • School regulations.
    • Class III.
    • Length: from 12m to 15m.
    • Height: 3.45m and 3.60m.