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The Abu Dhabi Department of Transportation (DoT), through Famco Al Futtaim Auto & Machinery Co (FAMCO), has received the total order of 168 intercity buses build with Castrosua model Magnus.E on Volvo chassis, model B11R Euro VI. FAMCO is a company branch of the Al-Futtaim Group composed of a conglomerate of some 250 companies and more than 50,000 employees.

Bus deliveries started at the end of 2019 and most of the vehicles are already in service along the Abu Dhabi urban and peri-urban areas as well as in the city of Al Ain. Transport service is being managed by the bus operators City Transport and Hafilat Industry LLC. >> Read more


Salamanca de Transportes, belonging to the Ruiz Group, has presented five new buses with Castrosua New City busbody on an Iveco Urbanway chassis that are powered by compressed natural gas. The event held in the operator’s garages attended by the mayor of the city, Carlos García Carbayo, was last Thursday, May 6. The vehicles will enter service at the end of May or the beginning of June, once the registration process is complete.

With these new vehicles, of the total Salamanca transport fleet, made up of a total of 62 buses, only 12 will run on diesel, something that, in the words of the mayor, highlights the municipal commitment to modernizing the service and respect for the environment. >> Read more


The new TIB CTM (Consorcio de Transportes de Mallorca) was presented at the end of July 2020. The new TIB CTM transport system was reorganized reducing lines from 11 up to 3 bus operators: Grupo Ruiz, UTE Empresa Sagalés-Caldentey &  Grupo Moventis.

The total fleet of the new bus network in Mallorca will be operated by 223 vehicles, and involves a complete renewal of the fleet, mostly propelled by compressed natural gas and some electric units. Grupo Castrosua together with Scania Hispania have been awarded 186 units, all of them CNG, and of different types and length: New City low-floor 12-18 m long; Magnus. E, low-entry and high-floor versions 13m, 15m and 18,75 m long. Part of them are dotted with specific airport definition, concerning own luggage compartments for passengers. >> Read more


The new model Nelec from Castrosua, their new solution for electromobility, has been one of the products awarded by the jury of the prestigious international design award Red Dot in the category of product design. The Red Dot Awards are considered the “Oscars” of design and aim to recognize the quality and innovation of designers and manufacturers in the creation of new products. To assess diversity in the field of design in a professional manner, the award is divided into three disciplines – the Red Dot Award: product design, brand design and communication and design concept.

The Red Dot Award, created in 1955, is now one of the largest and most recognized design competitions in the world. With this distinction, which is organized once a year, Castrosua joins, as a second time, the select group of companies and individuals that have received the Red Dot Award and that includes such well-known brands as Apple or Lamborghini.

Almost 8,000 proposals submitted

The new Nelec from Castrosua has been one of the 7,800 innovative proposals, from 60 different countries, that opted to receive the prestigious Red Dot award this year. A jury made up of 50 people, including specialized journalists, renowned designers and teachers related to this branch of activity chose the Castrosua busbody as one of the winning proposals of the Red Dot 2021 Award for Best Product Design in the category of Commercial Vehicles.

The jury awards the prizes based solely on criteria related to innovation, aesthetics, utility, functionality, or the impact of the design presented. This year the awards ceremony will take place, probably in virtual format, next June.


When we began to develop this project, we were looking to address two primary objectives. Firstly, we wanted to create a modern, reliable, and innovative product that would meet the expectations of its operators by offering them a fully customisable bus that could be adapted according to their particular requirements. Secondly, we wanted to create a flexible and multidisciplinary design team, that would make use of new techniques, incorporating a 3D design in all the different stages. Through this, we have created a vehicle that stands out from the rest, coming up with a solution that will meet future mobility challenges.

A design represented by clean and simple lines, modularity, excellent access to mechanical maintenance elements, and enhanced functionalities; without forgetting its quick identification and customization by our clients.

In creating NELEC, we have placed great importance on the aesthetic and functional design without compromising on the industrial nature of the product.


This award is a recognition of the hard work and passion that Castrosua puts into each of its projects.


Castrosua presents its new project Nelec to meet the demands of urban electromobility.

This morning, Castrosua launched Nelec, the first totally customisable busbody on a Scania electric chassis. This new mobility solution is available in two versions: low-floor buses for urban transport needs (Class I) and low-entry commuter buses (Class II), enabling the Galician firm to enter both market segments, thanks to its offering of solutions that meet the urban electromobility requirements.

This first bus that Castrosua and Scania have developed together makes it possible to offer a solution to the unique mobility needs of each city or customer. Thanks to the highly customisable nature of these vehicles, and the considerable attention to detail, we are able to come up with unique and exclusive designs, not only in terms of the visual and conceptual elements, but also in terms of the way in which the vehicles are equipped. In this sense, Nelec offers a wide range of possibilities, from the number of passenger doors (two or three) to the length of the vehicle (11.5 to 13 meters), while also offering the client the possibility to choose the elements from a  wide range of equipment that best adapt to their customers’ needs and habits, thanks to our precise and flexible system.

Although the prototype that we have launched today features 24 seats designed by Castrosua, two places for wheelchairs and standing room for 52, the design may be customised to transport almost one hundred passengers, with a maximum of 34 seats, two places for wheelchairs users and standing area for 63 passengers.

The fact that this model has been completely designed using 3D technology is fundamental, as it facilitates the development of all of the customisation and adaptation options, as well as streamlining the production, repair and maintenance processes, and, likewise, customers are provided with advanced and comprehensive presentations that aid them in their decision-making process.

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  • The Red Dot awards are considered the Academy Awards for design as they are one of the most important international awards.
  • The purpose of this award is to recognise the quality and innovation of designers and manufacturers in the creation of new household and professional products.
  • Companies such as Apple, Peugeot, Lamborghini or Audi have been distinguished with the award in previous editions
  • The New City is Castrosua Group’s latest proposal for the city segment, bringing together modernity and technology in a bus with strong lines and aesthetics with character.
  • Its powerful technical development and structure further enhance the New City.

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  • This is what the chairman of the company, Juan Luis Castro, claimed during his meeting with the director of the Instituto Energético de Galicia (Energy Institute of Galicia), Ángel B. Tahoces.
  • The company fosters energy-saving and efficiency at its facilities by replacing its old lighting with a LED system.

Santiago, 10 February 2015 – Grupo Castrosua―consisting of the companies Castrosua, Carsa, Insular and Cidsa―achieved a turnover of 52.7 million Euros in 2014 from the production of nearly 300 units. This data was shared by the chairman of the company, Juan Luis Castro, during a meeting with the director of the Instituto Energético de Galicia (INEGA) (Energy Institute of Galicia), Ángel B. Tahoces.

“Our sector is undergoing a period of moderate optimism and we can say that in 2014 for the first time we have observed a change in the tendency, after a long period of recession”, stated Juan Luis Castro.

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