Character, strength and personality rule the city streets.
City transport tailor-made for a new generation under constant evolution.
Technology and design with individual style, at the service of mobility, accessibility and comfort.
Reliability with an individual style to get the most out of short journeys.





  • The pleasure of travelling.
  • Reliability.
  • More defined lines. More elegance.
  • Modernity and technology.
  • State-of-the-art LED lights.
  • Back panel with more advertising space.
  • Interior designed according to exterior lines.
  • Improved air distribution, without cutwork, clean surfaces.
  • More comfortable ride.
  • Door technology with light and acoustic signals.
  • Access to mechanics.


General Information

  • Designed for city transport.
  • Can be mounted on any chassis.
  • Length: from 9.7m to 18.75m.
  • Diesel or GNC propelled.
  • Two or three doors
  • Certification:
    • Class I.
    • Regulation 66.02.
    • Regulation 107.
    • Regulation 80.
    • Regulation (EU) 661/2009.