Every resolution is a different story, a way to reach our goal, that allows us to evolve with every kilometer.
Connect to disconnect, allowing to be enveloped with all the good that surrounds you, adore yourself.
It is the moment to put the stakes for our dreams and wishes, for what makes the world move and makes us great & infinite…





  • The first fully customizable busbody on an electric chassis.
  • Ad hoc for each city. 100% designed for you.
  • Sustainable and ecological vehicle that incorporates new recycled materials.
  • We promote lightness to reduce consumption.
  • Innovation and design in its purest form.
  • Facilitates repairs and improves aging.
  • Comfortable with indirect light.
  • Very accessible with open areas.
  • Ample spaces for wheelchairs.
  • Specific air conditioning channeling.
  • Absolute care of the ergonomics of the driver’s seat.
  • Better vision with cameras instead of mirrors.
  • Full exterior led, greater security in doors.
  • Active safety systems in driving and advances in passive safety.
  • COVID adaptation: purifiers, push buttons without touching, temperature meter …


General Information

  • Oriented to urban and commuter transport.
  • Busbody build on an electric chassis.
  • Fast or slow charge.
  • Lengths: from 11m to 13m.
  • Low Floor or Low Entry versions.
  • Equipped with two or three doors.