• The jury of the awards, made up of 62 prominent representatives of the main companies and associations in the industry in Spain, has considered Nelec as the winner among the 10 candidates for the award.

Nelec, Castrosua’s new commitment to electric platforms, has been awarded Ecological BUS of the Year 2022 in Spain at the National Transport Awards, organized by the magazine Viajeros and awarded by Spaniards operators of road transport.

About Nelec

Thanks to the integral design of the vehicle using 3D technology, customers will be able to develop exclusive solutions with each project or urban model being truly unique. Thanks to the highly customisable nature of these vehicles, and the considerable attention to detail, we are able to come up with unique and exclusive designs, not only in terms of the visual and conceptual elements, but also in terms of the way in which the vehicles are equipped. In this sense, Nelec offers a wide range of possibilities, from the number of passenger doors (two or three) to the length of the vehicle (11.5 to 13 meters), while also offering the client the possibility to choose the elements from a  wide range of equipment that best adapt to their customers’ needs and habits, thanks to our precise and flexible system.

With Nelec, we are looking to offer users an attractive experience before, during and after they get on the bus, and, as such, this new model features a totally new interior and exterior design.

Nelec offers significant improvements in passenger and driver comfort, having taken a qualitative leap in terms of passenger protection thanks to its in-built active and passive safety systems, in addition to the protective mechanisms against the pandemic. These are strategic decisions which go beyond current legal requirements.

This vehicle offers a specific conduct for the air conditioning air circuit, which will prove very useful in reducing the risk of transmission of SARS-CoV-2. Likewise, and along the same line, these buses have been fitted with foot pedals or photoelectric sensors that are activated using hand tracking methodologies to replace conventional stop buttons which require physical contact. All of these elements have been designed in-house by Castrosua.


About the prizes

The Editec publishing group, to which the magazine Viajeros belongs, has organized the awards for the best industrial vehicles of the year in Spain since 1988, more than three decades recognizing the effort in innovation and development of the manufacturing and busbuilding industry, both in the segment of road transport of passengers and goods and that you have 11 categories. The winners are chosen directly, with voting before a notary public, by a broad representation of the directors of road transport companies in our country.

This year, due to the pandemic, the traditional trophy delivery gala will not be held and the announcement of the winners in each of the categories is once again virtual.


About the Ecological Bus 2022 jury

This year there were 10 nominees in the category of Ecological BUS of the Year 2022, in which 62 jurors voted, all of them representatives of the main transport associations as well as the most outstanding passenger transport companies in Spain, both public and private, in environments urban and metropolitan. This jury has decided that, of the 10 nominees for the award for the best Ecological BUS of the Year 2022 in Spain, the winner is the Castrosua model, NELEC.

The election of the winners follows a scrupulous transparency procedure each year in which the votes of the jury are sent directly to the notary who attests to their authenticity. It is, therefore, a prize awarded by the passanger transport industry itself.


From Grupo Castrosua we wish to congratulate Viajeros Magazine for organizing these awards, we would like to thank the jury for choosing NELEC and, of course, congratulate the rest of the candidates since together we aim for a more sustainable transport.


We wish to dedicate this prize, especially in these times, to the entire team that forms the Castrosua Group. Excited people, who take on challenges and brighten projects, with their effort and dedication.