The new TIB CTM (Consorcio de Transportes de Mallorca) was presented at the end of July 2020. The new TIB CTM transport system was reorganized reducing lines from 11 up to 3 bus operators: Grupo Ruiz, UTE Empresa Sagalés-Caldentey &  Grupo Moventis.

The total fleet of the new bus network in Mallorca will be operated by 223 vehicles, and involves a complete renewal of the fleet, mostly propelled by compressed natural gas and some electric units. Grupo Castrosua together with Scania Hispania have been awarded 186 units, all of them CNG, and of different types and length: New City low-floor 12-18 m long; Magnus. E, low-entry and high-floor versions 13m, 15m and 18,75 m long. Part of them are dotted with specific airport definition, concerning own luggage compartments for passengers.

The buses built by Castrosua include one of the most avant-garde safety and energy saving packages, integrating up to 15 different systems such as lane deviation warning system, emergency brake system, fatigue sensor, traffic sign readers and alcohol control device for drivers. Defibrillators are installed inside the bus. For Covid-19 protection, an antibacterial system purifying the air in the cabin is also included.

The vehicles incorporate latest improvements and technologies, such as Mobileye system for accident prevention with intelligent cameras and vision sensors, information screens for users, several security cameras with video-recording; vandal-proof security screen; USB sockets and even bicycles racks inside some buses.

All buses are successfully adapted for passengers with reduced mobility: a double ramp either electric or manual guarantees the access to wheelchairs. In the same line, screens and loudspeakers devices give support to passengers with visual and hearing impairment in terms of information of routes, next stops and services among others.

Castrosua fulfills its commitment to manufacture 186 units for the TIB Mallorca and delivers the buses according to the tender requirements in terms of time and specification.