Salamanca de Transportes, belonging to the Ruiz Group, has presented five new buses with Castrosua New City busbody on an Iveco Urbanway chassis that are powered by compressed natural gas. The event held in the operator’s garages attended by the mayor of the city, Carlos García Carbayo, was last Thursday, May 6. The vehicles will enter service at the end of May or the beginning of June, once the registration process is complete.

With these new vehicles, of the total Salamanca transport fleet, made up of a total of 62 buses, only 12 will run on diesel, something that, in the words of the mayor, highlights the municipal commitment to modernizing the service and respect for the environment.

The 12-meter-long, 3-door units have 23 seats, two belted wheelchair spaces and can carry up to 73 standing passengers. They are equipped with a double ramp, automatic and manual, to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility, as well as USB for passengers, air conditioning, fire extinguishing equipment, cameras in doors and reversing, as well as interior signs, among others. things. The driver’s area is completely ergonomic, with a seat with lumbar adjustment, armrests and belt, and it also has a semi-anti-vandal screen. As for its exterior, all the lighting is LED and the rear view mirrors are heated.

Salamanca de Transportes, S.A. performs from 1987 to today, the service of collective urban public transport in the city of Salamanca. Currently, it transports more than 11 million people a year and manages 13 lines plus two at night. Salamanca de Transportes, S.A., has trusted Castrosua for more than 25 years in which more than 100 buses have already been delivered to the city.