We have a mission:
To be the sector’s benchmark company.
This is our daily goal.

We have a thrilling challenge before us. Taking advantage of the new financial scenario to continue growing solidly and firmly. Our background of more than 60 years speaks for us. The guarantee that we are the benchmark group in Spain’s bodywork sector makes us strong and competitive. Our company model creates value for our workers, clients, suppliers and shareholders.

We share a vision:
To transform our way of thinking.
We firmly believe in transforming our mentality and business model. We know that it is becoming more and more important to rely on a comprehensive offer and not just on a good product.

We rely on a more competitive model.
Our strategy is based on differentiation, specialisation, agility and customer proximity. We are also more industrially, technologically and financially capable of competing on the same level as large multinationals.

We believe in creating alliances.
We strengthen our policy of alliances to introduce more innovative solutions into the market.

These are our values:
Proven know-how: we are experts in manufacturing bodywork. Our strength and edge: we combine tradition with innovation.

The sturdiness, safety and feasibility of our vehicles distinguishes us. Our standards of quality are higher in terms of materials, parts, design and finishes. We invest in the improvement of active and passive safety and we collaborate in different research projects.

Commitment to our clients.
All our experience is committed to the service of our clients. We permanently strive to guarantee their maximum return.

Corporate Social Responsibility.
Life is not only work. Supporting our staff outside the company has led us to sponsor two soccer teams, a choir and a cycling team with workers from Castrosua, as well as an internal corporate communication team responsible for promoting communication and fellowship through team building activities.






We are one of the sector’s companies that most believes in R+D+i. We have on-going agreements with companies, universities and with the most advanced research centres. We collaborate with other firms in the research for new public transportation systems. Our agreements with various institutions has led us to

develop new sustainable materials. This commitment for searching for new solutions throughout our extensive background can be seen, for example, in the manufacturing of vehicles that use alternative fuels. Moreover, we were the first to produce low-floor coaches.





One of the pillars of our Strategic Plan is based on relying strongly on internationalization. One of our future plans focuses on spreading to international markets.

We cannot let any frontiers stop us from growing. The strength of our firm belief in innovation is our greatest guarantee for success.






The 70s – Premios Giralda (Semana Nacional del Autocar) (Giralda awards -. National Coach Week)
1998 – Premio Autobús del Año en España (Revista Viajeros) (Coach of the Year in Spain award – in Spanish travel magazine)
1998 – Premio TM de Oro (Revista Transporte Mundial) (TM de Oro award in global transportation journal)
2005 – Premio Autobús del Año en España (Revista Viajeros) (Coach of the Year in Spain award – in Spanish travel magazine)
2005 – Premio Nacional de Vela (Por el apoyo y contribución al mundo de la vela como patrocinador) (National Sailing award – for supporting and contributing to sailing as a sponsor)
2006 – Premio al Transporte (Consejo de Administración de Guaguas Municipales S.A. Las Palmas) (Transportation award – from the Las Palmas Municipal Coach Council)
2008 – Premio Aura (Aura award)
2008 – Premio Asintra (Asintra award)
2009 – Autobús del año en España: Tempus (Revista Viajeros) (Coach of the Year in Spain award – in Spanish travel magazine)
2011 – Mención Especial en el SIAB por el modelo Tempus (Special mention in the SIAB (Barcelona International Motor Show) for the model Tempus)
2012 – Premio Korean Good Design Product
2013 – Autobús del año en España: Tempus Autogas (Revista Viajeros) (Coach of the Year in Spain award – in Spanish travel magazine)
2015 – Premio Red Dot Design Award por el modelo New City (Red Dot Design Award for the model New City)

Castrosúa New City Concept

We are especially proud of the personal recognition achieved by our founder Mr. José Castro throughout his career. Some of the awards he has won include, among others, the Gold medal from the city of Santiago de Compostela in 2009 or the recognition as a Distinguished Figure of the Spanish Automotive Sector in 2012.

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Download Quality Policy (.pdf, 1,83 MB)

Environmental certification ISO 14001:
International recognition in the area of environmental management thanks to our commitment with a responsible management model that is committed to sustainable development.

Certification ISO 9001:
Accreditation that certifies the establishment of quality management systems.

Management system certification DNV-GL. ISO 9001 ISO 14001

Aenor certification against COVID:
Values ​​aspects such as risk management, occupational health management, training, information and communications developed, protocols established for various scenarios, organizational and protective measures, as well as good cleaning and hygiene practices, among others.

Aenor certification against COVID