In homage to our 75th anniversary in Castrosua Group we have presented the 75CS, a new commitment to the future and sustainable mobility.
This model represents our commitment to innovation, sustainability and the mobility of the future. Designed for the INTERCITY SEGMENT, Class II, the 75CS merges customisable design and advanced technology to offer an exceptional travel experience. Eco-sustainability is a priority, helping to optimise autonomy and reduce environmental impact.
When you set the course, you decide the destination.
Discover a new companion: 75CS, INTERURBAN E-MOBILITY.





  • More respectful and 100% electric.
  • Eco-sustainability is paramount, helping to reduce environmental impact.
  • Proprietary design that offers an exceptional travel experience.
  • Comprehensive product and process innovation.
  • Ergonomic design of the driver’s seat is essential to ensure the driver’s well-being.
  • Dedicated air conditioning ducting.
  • Comfortable with indirect lighting.
  • Better vision with cameras instead of mirrors.
  • Full LED exterior and increased door security.
  • Easy access to mechanical components.
  • Accessibility is essential to ensure inclusion.
  • Active driving safety systems and advances in passive safety.




  • Designed for intercity transport.
  • Can be mounted on any chassis.
  • Lengths: 12m, 13m and 15m.
  • Low Entry version.
  • Equipped with two or three doors.
  • Approvals:
    • Class II
    • Regulation 118.02
    • Regulation 66.02
    • General safety regulation